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The position of the planets contributes to the improvement of the financial situation OVNOV… This is a great time to work with a wide variety of information, business and friendly meetings and develop projects of interest to you. In the evening, if you wish, you can pleasantly surprise those around you.

IN TELTSOV there is an awakening and transformation of internal energy into forms that are visible to everyone. There is a chance to create something worthwhile. Not quite a favorable time for home changes, sorting out the relationship. Any situation should be viewed from several angles.

IN Gemini communication with the authorities is productive. You can draw his attention to yourself, it will most likely be supportive. Among other things, this period was marked by an increase in intuitive abilities.

IN CANCER a good time for promotion, you should be more active, take initiative. The coming week will be full of a wide variety of events: now everything depends on your ability to use circumstances to your advantage.

LION, be careful in conversations: there is a high probability of distortion of information (especially if it has to go through second hands). There are many problems in the professional field, but there are also plenty of opportunities. The stars offer to take into account the wishes of all interested parties.

Virgo now able to achieve whatever they want. Do not take on other people’s worries if they are dictated not by a sincere desire to help, but by the desire to justify someone’s expectations at your expense. The election of this day will have an impact on the events of the next year.

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IN WEIGHTS a favorable period for personal achievements in sports, for recreation and travel, fun adventures in a friendly environment are possible. The joys and worries experienced together with colleagues will make your joint work even more enjoyable.

SCORPIO in the professional field, improvements, lucrative offers await, and a business instinct will help to put on the most suitable people in this case. For some, a time of relative calm has come – they want peace and quiet.

Financial position Streltsov unstable, and it is still difficult to influence this. Some people just think about going on a trip and, preferably, somewhere far away. A clarification of the relationship is brewing in the family: you can approach the completion of important household cycles.

Among CAPRICORNS the collection of useful information is intensified. In the future, this can be very useful to achieve our goals. There is a possibility of monetary profit, but for this you have to overcome many obstacles, and one of the most serious is your own laziness.

In strength VODOLEEV cope with any challenges and even earn extra money on your own ideas. Communicate more with new partners: you have a lot to learn from each other. You will adapt well to any changes, but you need to be careful about experimenting with your health.

FISHESgiving all the time to work, they completely forgot about some personal plans, which threatens to negatively affect the overall course of affairs. Intuition increases, a clear understanding of what is happening, and imagination can play out in earnest. Use this fact for an unusual pastime.

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