According to its own information, the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca has achieved good results in the treatment of corona sufferers with an antibody preparation. As the company announced on Monday, the compound AZD7442 reduced the cases of serious illness and death among Covid-19 sufferers by half when administered within seven days of the onset of symptoms.


If the agent was injected within five days, the number of people who were seriously ill or died was 67 percent lower than in the comparison group that received a placebo agent.

The phase III study was carried out in around 900 adult patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms who were not in the hospital. A large part of the participants (90 percent), however, belonged to risk groups with an increased risk of a severe course, for example due to previous illnesses such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

The preparation can be used both as prophylaxis and as a means of therapy, said Mene Pangalos, who is responsible for the bio-pharmaceuticals sector at Astrazeneca, according to the announcement.

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