Aston Villa announces the signing of Bondia

Aston Villa announced their first summer deal on Monday, signing Emiliano Buendia from Norwich City.

The club issued an official statement on its website, saying: “Aston Villa and Norwich City have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of Emiliano Buendia.”

He added, “Given that Emiliano Bondia is currently in a bubble with the Argentine national team and is ready to play the World Cup qualifier match with his national team against Colombia on Tuesday evening, he will undergo medical examinations and complete the transfer process after the match.”

The club statement did not mention the duration of the contract or the financial value, but some European reports confirmed that the player will move to Aston Villa in a deal that will last until 2026, while Sky Sports indicated that the financial value of the deal amounted to 33 million pounds, which is a record. For the club.

It is worth noting that the 24-year-old was named the English Premier League Player of the Year last season after helping his team return to the Premier League, scoring 15 goals and making 16 assists.