Aston Martin expects rapid “replication” by other teams

( – Aston Martin surprised at the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring near Budapest. Not so much with the sporty performance on the race track, but with an unusual rear wing construction. To be more precise: with bulging lateral end plates, which the Formula 1 regulations had not actually intended. But Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack believes: This idea will find its imitators.

The beaded endplate on the rear wing of the Aston Martin AMR22


Above all, the approach proves that “our team can be innovative,” explains Krack. He emphasizes this so much because after the first major update for the AMR22, Aston Martin was said to have simply copied the Red Bull RB18 for it. Such statements were “sometimes not fair,” says Krack. “But that’s how it is in Formula 1.”

With the rear wing concept, Aston Martin emphasizes that “many [eigene] To have ideas”. “And maybe other teams are pursuing a similar strategy,” says Krack. “The next races where a lot of downforce is important are Zandvoort and Singapore. And I’d be surprised if we’re the only ones driving this idea in Singapore.”

Aston Martin: At least the race pace is right

But Krack is not only satisfied with the development work of his team, but also with the latest results. Aston Martin has had “a couple of positive races” recently, with the emphasis on the races. Because on Sunday the team managed to show “good pace” and the command post made “good decisions”.

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In fact, since the Imola Grand Prix in the spring, Aston Martin has failed to score in only two cases, but finished just tenth in the top 10 in five cases alone. Which, according to Krack, is also a result of the poor qualifying performance.

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The team boss says bluntly: “We have to start from further up. We’re just too far behind and that’s a problem. You only ever get one point, but that’s not enough to close the gap in the Constructors’ Championship.”

The race performance itself is okay or even better than that, says Krack. He was “not dissatisfied” with the latest results. “Because in Hungary we went from 14th and 18th to 10th and 11th without any failures in front of us. That’s pretty good,” he says.

Why the AMR22 won’t get going in qualifying

But the weakness on Saturday is still unclear. “We’re trying to understand that,” says Krack. “If we knew, we would try to change it, so we have to get to the bottom of it.”

The decisive factor here is the lap and split times, explains the Aston Martin team boss, not the table. “Because in midfield, three or four places are quickly lost if you make a mistake. If someone gets to the point, it can give you three starting positions, maybe even five or six.”

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“That’s why,” says Krack, “it’s extremely important to be really objective and to monitor the distances. That way you can see where you need to improve.”

Aston Martin has already found a little trick in the preparation for the race: It lets its drivers start the racing tires in advance. “We do it because we think it’s right,” says Krack. “You have to ask the others why the others don’t do it. We think it helps us.”



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