Association of nurses in California responds if they will go to work even if they have covid-19 | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

Los Angeles California.- Temporary measures for health workers infected with covid-19 in California turn on alerts in hospitals. In Los Angeles, San Diego and other counties in the south of the state, spokesmen for the Nurses Association refute the instruction and explain why they should not work if they are infected with the virus.

According to the temporary guide of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), health workers who test positive for covid-19 and “ are asymptomatic, can return to work immediately, without isolation and without testing”.

These guidelines are temporary, according to the CDPH release and will be in effect from January 8 to February 1, 2022. They meet the return-to-work criteria for health care personnel, which includes nurses, cleaning personnel, and administrative.

The measure seeks to avoid the lack of personnel in the midst of the new health crisis imposed by the omicron variant and will continue in general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes.

The document also details that workers will be limited in their work and that they must wear protective equipment such as N95 masks and additional protections to avoid contagion.

What do the nurses say in the state?

Several nurses associations in the region have already publicly stated that the state measure goes against their labor rights and increases the risks of exposure and new infections.

“We will fight if they implement these guidelines,” Sandy Reding, president of the California Nurses Association, told local media.

For its part, the Public Service Workers Union (SEIU Local 721) announced a press conference this Tuesday at the headquarters of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to ask the board of local leaders for common sense.

“The way this pandemic is reduced is by providing adequate staff,” said Ileana Meza, a nurse practitioner. Calling for the cancellation of non-critical medical procedures, elective surgeries and tests and heatstroke of medical personnel infected with the coronavirus.

Southern California, particularly Los Angeles County, leads the state in infections. This January 11, the local health department reported 3,472 hospitalized patients with covid-19, numbers as high as those of February 2021, a critical period for the region’s health system.


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