Decision of the Court of Execution of Sintra considers that it has not been proven that the property of the house belonged to the couple

The court released the assets that were in the custody of Vale e Azevedo and his wife 14 years later, according to the Público newspaper. The judicial magistrate of the Court of Execution of Sintra did not give as proven that the real owners of Quinta de Cima, in Colares, Sintra, and of the property there, were the couple. Therefore, the filling was released by the courts.

In January 2007, the contents of the Quinta were seized after an enforcement proceeding brought by an English property company, St. James Group Limited. Paintings, silver cutlery, and Canton china were on the list. The assets were released after an embargo request from Imaved – Investimentos Imobiliários, which claims to own Quinta de Cima, whose house is leased to the president of the administration: Vale e Azevedo’s wife.

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