ASRock X670E Pro RS motherboard can already be admired in Minecraft

Awaiting the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors and the accompanying AM5 motherboards, the Redditor MasterKnight48902 has already recreated an X670E board in Minecraft. Specifically, it concerns the X670E Pro RS, which was unveiled by ASRock about two months ago.

It is not the first time that MasterKnight48902 motherboards has been counterfeited in the game.

It is unclear how much time it took to recreate this model, given the amount of detail this will not have been an easy task. The builder has used MCEdit in conjunction with version 1.12.2 of Minecraft. If you want to admire the creation in-game, you can download the .schematic file via this link.

In terms of features, the Pro RS seems to be the most modest X670E board ASRock has unveiled to date. The first models with this chipset along with the Zen 4-based CPUs are expected in the fall. According to rumors, AMD is aiming for September 15 as the release date.


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