Asobanca warns that inked bills have no value

Asobanca warns that inked bills have no value

The ink stains practically the entire bill and it cannot be removed by any process or substance. ECB

The Association of Private Banks of Ecuador (Asobanca), alerted to citizens and businesses that do not accept or change tickets inked or stained, because it would be Stolen money.

The institutions of the financial system do not receive this type of bills from natural or legal persons because they are not valid.

“The population should know that these bills, once inked, they cease to have value to circulate because no financial institution, nor the Central Bank will receive and give value to those bills. Citizens must be very careful,” emphasized Marco Rodríguez, executive president of Asobanca.


He Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System was implemented by the Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE) in December 2021 in the 4,800 ATMs in Ecuadorian territory.

This mechanism activates to deal with theft the attack against ATMs and bill transport vehicles.

The green or purple security ink extends towards the center of the bills and is most visible at the edges of the paper. The inking is easily recognizable, the ink stains almost the entire note and it can’t be removed by any process or with any substance.

“It is a mechanism that has two purposes: disables the monetary species and discourages theft and attacks against ATMs. But also makes identification easier by the Police of criminals that are stained,” said Rodríguez.

Case in Cuenca

By mid-2022, this system allowed the capture of five people that, through a burst, money was stolen from an ATM of a gas station located in via Cuenca-Azogues. Inking turned on and stained 43 thousand dollars.

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Los suspects were detained by policeafter an operation. They were found with inked bills and hands with a green color.


The best affected by the circulation of money stained are the small businesses in rural areaswhich keep the cash as only form of payment with your clients.

The banknote staining tool is part of a plan of measures that private banks have implementedin conjunction with the National Police, to face the risk of theft and prevent the circulation of this type of money in the financial system.

The executive president of Asobanca remembered that, this mechanism is also applied in several countries Therefore, he indicated that these ink-impregnated bills are useless in any nation because they are demonetized. (PNH)-(I)


dollars were stained during a robbery of an ATM at a gas station located on the Cuenca-Azogues road. Police arrested five people involved in the robbery.

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