Asmongold whines about mean FF14 fans

von Matthias Brueckle
The popular twitch streamer Asmongold used to be known mainly for WoW, but is now playing Final Fantasy 14 again. He actually really liked the MMORPG, but he doesn’t get along with some fans of the game – and is therefore threatening to stream it stop.

It’s been nine months since Asmongold played Final Fantasy 14, but now the popular Twitch streamer has started streaming his adventures in the Square Enix MMORPG again. He’s now at the start of the Stormblood expansion and would like to continue playing. But at the same time he threatens his viewers: He could also stop streaming – the reason for this is fans of Final Fantasy 14.

More on the subject: Asmongold and the community of FF 14 (column)



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