Asian bush mosquito spotted in Maasmechelen – no danger to humans

A citizen had contacted the authorities and indicated that he might have discovered a tiger mosquito. Researchers then set up a trap near the site. In this way, they were able to determine that the mosquito is an Asian bush mosquito.

Unlike the tiger mosquito, this mosquito species is harmless to humans. “It’s not a dangerous mosquito,” confirms Wim Van Bortel from the Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITG) in Antwerp. In the laboratory, the mosquito can transmit some viruses. “But she’s never been involved in an outbreak,” says Van Bortel.

Not brand new in Belgium

According to ITG, the discovery of the mosquito is not alarming, but shows that there are more and more exotic mosquitoes in Belgium. The Asian bush mosquito is not entirely new to Belgium. “The Asian bush mosquito has already been discovered near Namur and in Eupen,” says Van Bortel. There were also first sightings on the Dutch side of the Meuse.

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