ASF identifies expenditure of 64.5 million pesos for Banco del Bienestar software

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) identified an expense of 64.5 million pesos for a software the Welfare Bank; however, said system is not installed or operating and its personnel are unaware of its location and existence.

In the 2020 Public Account, the ASF indicated that additionally, it was observed that the banking “core” system that operated at the date of the audit did not meet the needs and capacities required to support the operations of the Welfare Bank.

These are the “Software factory services for the development of Punta-Punta projects and operational support of Bansefi information systems”, a contract entered into with the Center for Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (Infotec), by payments amounting to 47.4 million pesos for work orders related to the development and installation of a new core banking system.

Meanwhile, Infotec paid a third party 17.1 million for the acquisition, adaptation, installation, support and maintenance of a banking “core” system “MIFOS” for the Banco del Bienestar, explained the ASF.

It also verified the construction and acquisition of furniture and administration equipment for 103 and 115 Bank branchesrespectively in the country, where the increase of 2 million pesos was found in the construction of 49 branches.

Observations were determined for 118.3 million pesos, due to the fact that the referred processes did not have sufficient studies for the elaboration of the executive project, which caused that in the 49 verified branches, work was carried out outside the catalog and modifications that increased the cost of each branch up to 2 million pesos.

According to the agency, the documentation supporting the completion of the work consisting of estimates and generating numbers that support the expenses incurred was not accredited, and proof of payment for the purchase of furniture and equipment for 117.2 million pesos was not provided. .

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In January of this year, the deadline for building 2,700 branches was met. However, the objective was not achieved, with a delay of around 50 percent in the construction of branches through which the resources of the government’s social programs are dispersed.



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