Lvisit of the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, New York has attracted the attention of the country’s media. The The New York Times has thus defined Spanish politics: “He is perhaps the most powerful figure on the rise of the Popular Party, known for her controversial comments. “

Ayuso is currently one of the pillars of the PP and many pools have designated her as one of the strongest candidates to lead the party. In any case, the Madrid leader has denied this possibility and has been faithful to the current structure of the formation.

Regarding one’s own PP, the The New York Times has highlighted his latest polemics. “He has spent the last years defending himself against corruption cases, involving a former treasurer and previous presidents of the Spanish Government,” the US publication commented.

In addition, the newspaper has explained that the Popular Party it was “founded” by Francoist politicians. “They are cautious about nationalism, wary of raising any accusation of wanting to return to the past,” the article in the aforementioned medium has reflected.


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