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The announcement the day before that Cuban sport will begin to open up internally to private property has generated multiple comments inside and outside the island. One of them was made by the singer who was a member of the renowned group “Orishas”, Yotuel Romero, who it went much further than giving a simple criterion on this news.

One of the leaders of the topic “Homeland and Life” expressed his desire to buy the rights of the most winning team in Cuban baseball, Industriales, which he has always recognized as his favorite in the National Series of the Island. date to a desire to manage the representative of the Cuban capital business.

“Buying the Industrial equipment is a dream. God will give me the opportunity in 2022. We will put the ball in Cuba, a worldwide trend. Can you imagine artists buying ball equipment in Cuba? Everything is possible my people. What artist would buy from the Santiago de Cuba team? ”, He published in his official website from Facebook the popular musician.

This Thursday the National Baseball Directorate in Cuba announced in the province of Camagüey that Cuban sport will have the active participation of small and medium-sized companies in many of its facilities, and that sponsors will also begin to have a leading role in multiple spaces or events, including the National Series itself.

In any case, from theory to reality there is an important stretch, not only because of the execution of this decision itself, but also because of the way in which the different initiatives or projects around this issue materialize.

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It is still not possible to speak of the purchase of equipment or franchises, which would once again make the Cuban league a professional in every sense of the word, thus returning to what was eliminated after 1961.

However, the announcement that after the National Series there will be a tournament for which important details have not yet been offered could be an open door to the dream of so many people to finish taking the step that the ball needs on the Island to try to improve many problems that do not depend on external laws or agreements.

The other thing that could destroy the intention of Yotuel and others who are in a similar situation to his, is that few consider that there is total freedom when allowing anyone with money to agree to lead a business, cooperative or company within Cuba. Especially because the political issue is not going to be on the sidelines of this and with what happened this last year with this and with other recognized figures of Cuban culture, possibly even access to the country will become something very difficult to achieve.

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Cuba had professional baseball in its conception of league and stadiums since the last decade of the 19th century and until at the beginning of 1961 everything that had to do with rented sports was abolished, shortly after Cienfuegos prevailed in the 1960 season. 61.

Juan Reinaldo Pérez, recently appointed National Commissioner of the discipline, said the day before that the Latin American stadium would be the first to open its doors for the investment of individuals (non-agricultural cooperatives), and the same will happen with other similar sites far and wide from all over the country, in addition to academies and certain sports centers.

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It will also be necessary to see the duties and rights of these cooperatives, especially those that finance the National Series stadiums, and to what extent there will be real economic autonomy and in general, since it has already been said that the next campaign will be played during the day all the time. So what if the company that is in charge of the financial management of the facility wants to fix and turn on the stadium lights?

This can be much more complex than the announcement itself, as it is something totally new in a country that has experienced a totally different system in more than six decades, and that now, without departing from its socialist model, decides to apply capitalist initiatives in areas until yesterday closed.

That what can come is better than what we had until now is a reality, only that there are many social, political and economic realities that make the matter more complex than many might think.

In recent days, the Cuban government began to give an opportunity to a wide group of small and medium-sized companies in sectors that were only managed by the state in order to urgently seek some solutions that allow the country to get out of its current economic crisis.



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