Artem Grant is outraged by Christina Bukhynbalte’s attacks and asks Bezverkhova to trust him

Artem Grant, who on the eve was tried to be ousted from the participants of the reality show House 2, shared his opinion on what is happening in the perimeter in his “live broadcast”.

He is outraged by the attacks of Christina Bukhynbalte, who asked the hosts to replace the women’s vote with the men’s, and asks Klavdia Bezverkhova to trust him.

Does Kristina Bukhynbalte, together with Ivan Barzikov, not allow her former gentlemen to live in peace at the TV set? Not only can she not calm down because of the wedding of Evgeny Romashov and Anastasia Bigrina, but does she also care about the adventures of Artem Grant outside the perimeter?

Along the way, Artem Grant has to admit that during his absence he wrote messages to Claudia Bezverkhova, only she either cannot remember, or believes that Grant cheated on her. The fact that Klava has a bad memory, she herself does not hide.
Is it because Artem Grant is forced to ask Bezverkhova to trust him, because he is waiting for a new wave of attacks from a couple of Barzikov and Bukhynbalte?



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