Arsenal couldn’t beat Atlanta in a new friendly: minute by minute

30 ST Atlanta goal and end of the game!

Villa Crespo’s team came to an equality with both Marcioni, on the verge of the end of the second half. The match ended 1-1.

13 ST More changes at Arsenal

5m ST: Second change at Arsenal

Facundo Pons entered in place of Jhonatan Candia. Arsenal prevails 1-0.

10.15: The second half begins

30m End of first half

At 30 minutes, the first half of the four agreed (30 minutes) that will be played this morning in Villa Crespo ended.


Miracco converted a 1-0 penalty for Ass.

9.45 The game started!

9.30: Confirmed formations!

Atlanta trains with Rago; Molina, Pérez, Tecilla, Ochoa; Valdez Chamorro, Previtali, Ochoa Gimenez, Oyola, López and Pedrozo.

For its part, Arsenal goes with Gagliardo; Abreliano, Pereyra, Carabajal, Papa; Picco, Soraire, Necul, Castro; Candia and Miracco.