Arrived surrounded by doubts, now essential in Anderlecht: Slimani gives reason to Fredberg

Arrived surrounded by doubts, now essential in Anderlecht: Slimani gives reason to Fredberg

Sport Many had their doubts about the last-minute arrival of Islam Slimani at RSC Anderlecht, after a regrettable saga. Jesper Fredberg claimed that the Algerian was not a ‘panic buy’ but was on his list.

Don’t make us say what Jesper Fredberg didn’t say: no, Islam Slimani was not the No. 1 choice of Sporting Anderlecht. He might not even be number two. But as the Arokodare track moved away towards the Cegeka Arena in Genk, the Slimani plan was activated and quickly finalized. And since then, the skeptics have been silent.

Physical presence, possession of the ball, grinta, a bit of vice: the top scorer in the history of the Algerian selection has already proven everything he could bring. Against Ludogorets, he had already been valuable and impactful in the first leg, and scored (even if the goal was not awarded to him) a very important goal in the return.

Sport And Slimani will still progress…

Only downside: at 34 and after little playing time in the first part of the season, Islam Slimani cannot yet play 90 minutes. Maybe it won’t happen at all. We imagine, however, that its room for improvement is still very present as it picks up pace and automatisms. Slimani even enhances the players around him with his mere presence, and Amuzu’s crosses seem to be teleguided to his foot or head.

The physical presence was a real weak point at Sporting where few players peaked even at 1m70. With the Algerian, there is someone in the box, but also someone to go to the coal. A guy to dare to shoot, too. If he takes depth less easily than Fabio Silva, Slimani participates in the game with more intelligence while having a comparable profile. A perfect winter reinforcement is a winter reinforcement whose impact is immediate. Well done, Jesper Fredberg…

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