Four men have been taken into custody in the past few days for possible betting fraud in the Eastern Football League. As the public prosecutor in Graz announced in response to an APA request, there had been seven arrests in the past few days, and three of the men were released. It is being investigated for serious commercial fraud. Several games are affected, there was no information about the details for the time being.

The Graz public prosecutor said that the investigations were “still in a hot phase”, which is why, for tactical reasons, they did not want to announce any more. It therefore remains unclear whether the suspects are players or officials. The seven arrested are not the only suspects, but they also kept a low profile. In any case, the investigation is being conducted in Graz because at least one of the possibly manipulated games took place in Styria and was also reported here. According to the spokesman, the investigations have been going on since the summer, but in the past few days there had been house searches and arrests. The suspects are said to have manipulated the outcome of games, for example “through mediocre performance or actions that distort the game”. The games had been bet on. Four clubs from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland are said to be affected.

One of the clubs affected is said to be SC Neusiedl am See. The Burgenlanders pointed out, however, that “neither the association itself nor individual officials are listed as suspects or accused in the current proceedings”.

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