Around 2,500 shopping tourists are fined – Telebasel

After the Federal Council declared the extraordinary situation on March 16 and at the same time enacted entry restrictions, the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) closed 130 smaller border crossings. Systematic internal controls were reintroduced and only systemically relevant people were allowed to enter.

As the FCA announced on Tuesday, it had to reject 112’049 people at the borders by 14 June. Only 16,854 people were granted entry because they were in a “situation of extreme necessity”.

At the same time, 8,848 people were fined CHF 100 for “violating the Covid measures”. 2,458 cases concerned shopping tourism and prohibited goods transfers at the border.

Cross-border passenger traffic came to an almost complete standstill. In the meantime, it has recovered and is currently just under ten percent below the pre-Corona crisis.