Around 2,000 people demonstrate on May 1st

Around 2,000 people took part in the May Day rally in Basel on Sunday morning. On the demonstration route through downtown Basel, masked marchers from the “anti-capitalist block” caused various spraying and other damage to property.

The May 1st rally in Basel was held under the motto “Peace, freedom, solidarity: We will not bear your crises!”. As the main speakers at the end of the rally on the barracks area in Kleinbasel, a representative and a representative of the VPOD and Unia trade unions addressed the participants.

On the move on a new route

For the first time in decades, a new route was chosen for the colorfully composed demonstration train, in which the unions were only groups among many. It led from De Wette Park near the SBB train station through the city center to Kleinbasel and the barracks area.

On Claraplatz, the “anti-capitalist block”, followed by several small Kurdish groups, deviated from the main procession and made their way to their own final party on Theodorskirchplatz, which the cantonal police in Basel-Stadt said was unauthorized.

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Smearing and broken windows

Marchers from this isolated block caused some damage to property on the demonstration route, especially at branches of banks and insurance companies. Among other things, paint bags were thrown at the main local branches of UBS and Credit Suisse on the Bankenplatz, and activists smashed the window panes of the UBS branch on the Marktplatz with hammers. As the spokesman for the cantonal police in Basel-Stadt told Telebasel, there had been more damage to property than in previous years. There were no arrests.

Police spokesman Stefan Schmitt: “There was certainly more damage to property than in previous years”. (Video: Telebase)

Otherwise, the demonstration was peaceful until the closing demonstrations after 12 noon. The police stayed in the background, apart from the dialogue teams that were labeled as such.



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