Arnhemmer Theo could only just save his Rolex from a gang in Barcelona: ‘Agents acted as if nothing was wrong’ | Don’t miss these stories

The short video is from last Sunday and quickly went viral. Two men fight each other on the wide sidewalk of Via Laietana, a busy thoroughfare in the heart of Barcelona. Motorists honk their horns, people scream, others look on in amazement.

Then suddenly it’s over; the younger of the two, wearing a cap, has ripped the watch from the man’s wrist and runs off.

It’s everyday life in Barcelona. This man, apparently a tourist, escaped unscathed. Another victim, last week, had to be taken away by an ambulance with a broken jaw, because the thieves do not shy away from violence to get their ‘easy’ and often very expensive loot: watches between 10,000 and 360,000 euros.

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