Army anticipates payment of 50 percent for the purchase of a new fleet of Bell helicopters and this will be its cost

It involves the purchase of two Bell 412 helicopters, that will have a total investment of Q212 million, and each one will cost Q106 million.

Rubén Téllez, a spokesman for the Army, stated that The 50% advance has already been made by the Mindef, and that the acquisition of these helicopters is already contemplated in the budget for the current fiscal year.

For the last quarter the ships They will already be in operation in Guatemala, he pointed out.

Acquisition modality

According to Téllez, this acquisition of the helicopters was drawn up based on a Military Assistance Agreement between Guatemala and the United States, in force since 1955; materializes through a Letter of Offer and Acceptance, which establishes that the Government of the United States, will acquire the helicopters following all its procedures, as if it were for an American unit and the Guatemalan government will be the one paying for them for their use.

He clarified that it is not a donation or a lucrative transaction, since the US Government. it will only lend its legal scaffolding for the acquisition of the aircraft. This strengthens transparency in the process, he remarked.

When asked about the use of these ships, Téllez replied that the equipment is versatile, that is, it can be used for various tasks such as cargo transport, evacuations, ambulance and firefighting.

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Because it is information protected by national security, the Army spokesman He did not provide more details about the fleet of helicopters in charge of the Mindef.

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financial reserve

Álvaro González Ricci, Minister of Finance, declared last week that the purchase of the helicopters is one of the financial expenditures scheduled for the following months, and that it will be one of the highest in the following quarter, after announcing the decision to contain public spending.

In any case, the purchase of the helicopters already has the financial reserve, which will be effective according to the program.

Regarding spending containment, the minister stressed that new provisions were issued, and seek to restrict expenses related to travel expenses, travel and others that are not necessary, to ensure a new reserve of public resources to meet the needs that may arise later due to the international situation of the Russia and Ukraine conflict, oil prices or the effects of winter and emergency expenses.

The idea of ​​cost containment is to locate some Q1 billion, the official said.



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