Armed commando kills eight people during party in Zacatecas

Eight people who were at a party were killed in Zacatecas by an armed commando, local authorities reported this Sunday.

The attack occurred on Saturday in the municipality of Panuco, in the central area of Zacatecas, a district that in recent weeks has been the scene of different violent events that, according to authorities, are linked to conflicts between criminal groups.

There was reported “an attack against people who were in a coexistence (…) unfortunately eight people lost their lives; two women and six men, all adults,” says a statement from the State Security Secretariat.

The attack, which provoked a strong police mobilization, also reportedly left at least six injured, according to the local press.

The Zacatecas prosecutor’s office has already started an investigation to determine the possible motive for the attack, added the Secretary of Security.

Cells of the Sinaloa cartel operate in Zacatecas, a prey of internal conflicts and which is also in dispute with the Nueva Generación cartel for control of drug trafficking routes to the United States.

On June 25, a confrontation between alleged hitmen of organized crime left 18 dead in a remote community in the municipality of Valparaíso de Zacatecas.

Two days earlier, the bodies of two police officers who had been reported missing were found hanging from a bridge in the state capital.

Also at the end of June, armed men broke into a house and killed four women and three men in the municipality of Fresnillo, in the same state.

Mexico is shaken by a wave of violence linked to drug smuggling that leaves more than 300,000 murders since December 2006, when the federal government launched a controversial operation to combat organized crime, according to official figures.



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