A group of eight heavily armed suspects dressed as agents of the Federal Police of BrazilThey stole about 750 kilograms of gold stored in a cargo terminal at the Guarulhos International Airport in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, official sources reported.

The stolen cargo is valued at just over $ 30 million, said the Civil Police of the state of Sao Paulo. The theft was committed when the group of suspects, equipped with Assault rifles and using clothes and badges of the Federal Police, they arrived in two vehicles to a warehouse at Guarulhos airport, which is the largest air terminal in the country and one of the most important in Latin America.

The robbery

Then, the criminals announced that it was a robbery, grabbed the gold, stored in a farmored stock and they fled, holding two people hostage, one of them the logistics supervisor of the terminal, according to the authorities.

Subsequently, they abandoned the two vehicles, which were also marked by the Federal Police, at another point in the region, some twelve kilometers away from the Guarulhos airport, where they released the hostages. The aforementioned logistics supervisor told authorities that the thieves, before the assault, held his family hostage on the eve and told him that he would only be released the next day, that is, on Thursday, as was the case.

Official Operational

According to their testimony, the suspects later abandoned the two vehicles with which they carried out the robbery and rode with the burden of gold, in a white Chevrolet S10 van and an ambulance. Police believe that the robbers got insider information, while keeping the family of the supervisor hostage.

The corporation has deployed an operation in the region to recover gold and stop offenders, of which, until now, his identity is unknown, while the interrogations of family members and other airport workers progress.



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