Arisa and weight loss: in a year she changed her body. The secret? A “singular diet” Cook

Away with the glasses (for years), the hair (in alternating phases) and the clothes of the times (2009) of «Sincerità». And now, in his opinion, the extra pounds are also gone. The Genoese singer Arisa, 39 years old next August 20, shows herself naked and not just physically. On social media, where she is very active, and on the stage of the “Little summer tour” organized by International Music and Arts, she appears casual in a leaner physique than a year ago. A metamorphosis that we could also notice in the last one Sanremo Festival. Although it is not the first time that the artist undergoes (more or less forced) diets, the questions arise spontaneously: what is the miraculous diet? What sport have you done or are you doing?
Last January, during an episode of “Amici” where, moreover, Arisa will return from next September 18 as a teacher, even Maria De Filippi tried to investigate.
“How thin you are!”
he asked her in an attempt to get some indication of how she managed to get slimmer. The answer of Rosalba Pippa (this is the real name of the artist) was a clear reference to the Rai program of Milly Carlucci – “Dancing with the stars” that the singer won at the end of 2021 together with the dancer Vito Coppolawith whom he had a flirt .: «Eh, because dancing dancing …».
Nothing else. Arisa preferred to stop here, in a sympathetically conspiratorial way, without giving further details.

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