Argentine startups had investment record in 2021

For Suarez, “What is interesting about the phenomenon is that Latin America still has a lot of room to continue growing and very good material in terms of human capital, innovation and business development.”

“That the volume of investment grows so much is great news for startups that are a path of social, economic development and environmental repair; therefore, Venture Capital has an essential role in a country and a region where there are so many challenges ahead. resolve,” he completed.

Of the 110 Venture Capital and Seed Capital transactions registered in 2021, 66 correspond to Seed Capital and 44 to Venture Capital.

The transactions in Seed capital These are operations that generally range from US$25,000 to US$1 million, financing that allows the venture to go to the market and test/validate the response of the clients and in some cases expand nationally.

During the past year, US$25 million were invested in Seed Capital, 50% more than in 2020, in the areas of BioTech (45.2%), FinTech (26.2%), HealthTech (14.3%) and AgTech (11.9%).

Meanwhile, the investments of Venture Capital in Argentina they are those of more than US$1 million, capital that enables scalability.

In 2021, 44 transactions were registered in this segment, 69.2% more than the previous year, the highest annual jump on record, in the AgTech (18.8%), FinTech and Enterprise Software (15.6%) segments ), BioTech (12.5%), EdTech (9.4%), Commerce and HealtTech (6.3%).

In Entrepreneurial Capital in 2021, the amount invested was US$1,312.7 million, a figure that almost quadruples that of the previous year and 46 times greater than the total amount invested the first year that Arcap began to measure these indicators.

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Argentina continues its “consolidation in the region as one of the most attractive places thanks to its human talent and the quality of the ventures that are developed”, they highlighted from Microsoft.

To strengthen and expand the ecosystem of startups, digital native companies and entrepreneurs, Microsoft for Startups made it known Founders Huba platform designed to address the main challenges facing the sector, available to anyone who wants to take an idea forward.

According to the director of Microsoft for Startups Americas, Mariano Amartino, the objective is “to add value, accompany and generate synergy with the ecosystem and the people that make it up”.



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