Argentina tightens confinement before the covid-19 arrives


“We are going to ask everyone to come back to stay at home and only go out to look for provisions from July 1 to July 17 in the entire metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires. “Alberto Fernández not only announced with unusual gravity the extension of a lockdown which started on March 21. The Argentine president called on a population tired of quarantine, burdened by its economic costs, to “don’t lower your arms“As the most dangerous phase of the pandemic approaches. Health authorities decided that the capital and its periphery, where 90% of cases are concentrated, return to the initial phase of” preventive and compulsory “isolation. So far, 55,330 people have been infected and 1184 have died. But the great fear of the Peronist government is the capacity for hospital containment in the midst of a “striking increase in the speed of contagion“of 147% in the last days.

“Objectively we knew it could happen and we were prepared to face “, said Fernández but he redoubled his appeal to society to responsibly abide by the measures.” We made so much effort and another effort is worth it, “Fernández urged the most unruly social sectors to accept the restrictions. The president said he “understood” 25% of Argentines who oppose the restrictions, and the boredom for confinement seeks to be politically capitalized by the sectors of the right.

The long-awaited horizon of the de-escalation has moved away. The authorities decided that the children’s recreational outings will be maintained only on weekends. Outdoor physical activity is canceled. He public transport It will be reserved only for people who carry out essential activities. All circulation permits must be renewed.

The cost of confinement

“I never fell in love with quarantine, it is the only remedy we know of. We are in love with life and that is why we value it so much and we are hurt by the people who stopped being among us, “said Fernández in the face of criticism from the opposition. Despite the fact that the numbers of infections and deaths are much more favorable than that of their neighbors (Brazil and Chile border on 56,000 and 5,100 deaths, respectively), the government’s scientific advisers committee has warned that the number of daily cases, close to 2000 every 24 hours, report that the pandemic is approaching its most critical point and can collapse beds in Intensive Care Units (UTI) where patients who must be assisted with automatic respirators are referred. In the last ten days the demand for hospitalization in ICUs increased by 23%. “We have to do something to stop the wave of infections“Fernández said when justifying the decisions taken.

In this sense, the president considered that in the midst of the emergency to come, the capital and its populous suburbs, where there are thousands 1000 slums, cannot be exposed to the advance of the covid-19. Fernández recognized the enormous impact on the economy. A GDP drop over 7%. “The World Bank, not Alberto Fernández, says that this is the biggest crisis since 1870. It is global, it is not just Argentina,” he said. But he remarked that there is no other way than confinement. The pandemic “started in China, spread to Europe and the United States. Today the focus is here (in Latin America) “. The economy, he said in that sense, can recover.” What unfortunately we are not going to recover are those thousand Argentines who left us and for those Argentines we cannot let that number grow “



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