Argentina stings the “hottest day in history”

“Practically, the whole of Argentina and neighboring countries such as Uruguay, southern Brazil and Paraguay are experiencing the hottest days in history,” said Cindy Fernandez, an expert with the National Meteorological Service.

The temperature in many cities reached the highest level since the start of recording, and in some areas it reached 45 degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Authority.

“From central Patagonia to the north of the country, temperature values ​​are recorded at 40 degrees or more,” Fernandez added.

The heat and prolonged drought have affected crops in the grain-producing country, but there is hope that the temperature will drop with a drop expected next week, followed by a period of rain to hydrate the bodies of humans and plants.

“This is another sweltering day,” Elizabeth Bassin said, as she waited for a bus in Buenos Aires. “We’re in for a hot week and it’s as if the body is adapting to that heat.”



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