Tuesday, October 12, 2021 ((rezonodwes.com)) – The de facto president, Jovenel Moïse was assassinated on July 7, leaving the country in a sorry state.

The three powers became inoperative after more than four years of presidency of a Head of State who brought the institutions to their knees.

The CSPJ (Superior Council of the Magistracy) practically no longer existed while the Court of Cassation was dismantled by Jovenel Moïse with the illegal eviction of 3 judges, Mécène Jean-Louis, Wendelle Coq and Yvickel Dabresil.

Since no elections were held during the controversial tenure of second President Tet Kale, there was no renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and around 20 senators were expelled from the Senate following a tweet from the Apredye, the second Monday in January 2020. A situation that made the National Assembly non-existent and the Senate dysfunctional.

On the executive side, on July 7 there was an appointed prime minister who was not installed and an interim prime minister who had resigned (and deserter). Both, totally devoid of legality and legitimacy, since they were appointed by a president with an expired mandate and they could not have the approval of the parliament.

Suddenly, no constitutional solution could be applied. The international has therefore taken the lead, through the Core Group, by first approving Claude Joseph then Ariel Henry as leader of a transition to the duration not yet defined.

But these illegitimate and illegal actions have not been able to help bring the country out of the crisis and have come up against the refusal of a population that wants to take control of its destiny, free from any foreign interference.

A whole host of proposals for ending the crisis have emerged, but two have won public opinion. The document drawn up under the supervision of civil society “Accord of August 30 or Montana Accord” and the “Accord for peaceful and effective governance or Ariel Accord”.

Click here to read the Acccord Montana

Click here to read the Ariel Agreement

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