Are there no doctors? Discount on rent

Aler properties at controlled prices to host family doctors’ surgeries. In June, the Region and Ats must open a second call to recruit general practitioners. The latest in April received only 14 nominations. In our province, in order to ensure a correct numerical ratio between doctor and patients, 89 white coats are missing, out of the over 300 total places planned in the area, net of some municipalities that have been merged.

Therefore, to entice new doctors more, with the Aler some spaces with low rents have been identified to open the studies. Studies that otherwise freelance doctors have to find on their own and pay for at market price. As for the city of Como, the first availabilities were given to Prestino in via Sanzio and to Lora in via Majocchi. They are already free square meters, let the Region know. Other structures can be sought in the province, the municipalities are working with the Ats to offer new solutions to family doctors.



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