Are order and Feng Shui related?  How does clutter affect the well-being of your home?

Are order and Feng Shui related? How does clutter affect the well-being of your home?

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Order is one of the first things you should observe in your house if you want to achieve good Feng Shui. We tell you how they are related and start to solve it

Astrid Izquierdo, from Integral Tuning, expert in Feng Shui

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If you are a follower of teachings of Feng Shuiyou should know that before you start to make a bagua map or analyze the bad vibes in your house, there are other factors (as or equally important) that affect well-being in your home. One of them is the order. And it is that order and Feng Shui go hand in hand.

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We cannot activate and energize the energy of a space if there is not first a previous cleaning and order work. In this case, the order of the factors does alter the product or, what is the same, the effect. Conversely, it would be like putting on perfume before a good shower, the result, as we all know, would be negative. Cleaning, discarding and ordering are part of the process of harmonizing the home and it is the first thing to tackle.

We analyze How order influences Feng Shui and what you should do to get a balanced home.

What meaning does order have in Feng Shui?

According to one of the basic principles of Feng Shui, Everything is related. This means that For our life to flow in harmony, it is essential that the vital energy of our home and our workthe two places where we spend more hours a day, are in good condition. That is, that the two energies flow smoothly and without blockages.

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Feng Shui has several tools to improve this flow of energy and the orderWithout a doubt is one of the most effective. What Feng Shui proposes is an oconscious order. This way of ordering is much more effective, as well as therapeutic, than when you try to carry out this process automatically and with reluctance.

When we become aware of the effect that this process generates in our lives, we facilitate the integration of this habit and avoid returning to disorder after a few days. According to Feng Shui, an orderly space equals an orderly, clear and peaceful mind.

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Order and Feng Shui are closely related.

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What does Feng Shui say about clutter?

Clutter is one of the main causes of energetic blockage of a space and can have different origins. Regardless of the origin that causes it, any type of disorder generates great resistance in the harmonic flow of energy, generating stagnation in some aspect of the lives of its inhabitants depending on the area of ​​the home where said disorder is located.

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How does disorder affect people?

clutter can affect in a different way depending on several factors such as the ssensitivity of each person, the amount and place where it is accumulated and the time that this disorder takes in the space. And of course, the hours of exposure to that disorder. It will affect more the person who spends more hours at home.

The effect of disorder can be manifested in different ways, being the more generalized symptoms which we list below:

  • Tiredness and feeling lethargic, with a feeling of stagnation
  • inflammation and overweight
  • Dispersion, lack of focus and difficulty concentrating
  • It anchors you to the past, there is no space for anything new to enter your life
  • Lack of harmony in your relationships
  • Difficulty enjoying life
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What are the benefits according to Feng Shui of cleaning, discarding and ordering?

After a process of cleaning, discarding and ordering, the positive effect in our state of mind and in our energy, it is immediate. Without a doubt, we feel lighter, with more vitality and greater mental clarity to achieve our goals. And new opportunities appear in our life, you just have to be attentive to them.

If there is difficulty starting an order process, you postpone it, you don’t know where to start or you find it exhausting, it is highly recommended go to a professional to accompany you in this liberation process.

If you want to know more about how to apply Feng Sgui to your home, in this video we explain some of its most important keys. Hit play!

*Article written by Astrid Izquierdo, author of “The little book of Feng Shui”.



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