Are Disney movies good or bad for our children's development?

Are Disney movies good or bad for our children's development?

Between clichés and diversity

Disney films through the ages: What influence do the transported values ​​have on young viewers?  Numerous studies deal with this topic.

Disney films through the ages: What influence do the transported values ​​have on young viewers? Numerous studies deal with this topic.

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Disney films can certainly be considered classics for the whole family – including children. But role models and hidden messages affect children differently than adults. What parents should watch out for.

Helene Kilb

Life without Disney? That might be hard to imagine for many families these days. Stories like “The Jungle Book”, “Beauty and the Beast” or “Finding Nemo” are among the classics. In terms of box office earnings, Disney films such as “The Lion King” are among the most successful animated films in the world. And at the latest the hype surrounding Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” shows how present Disney is in the lives of many children.


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