Are Dacias dangerous cars?

Euro NCAP, a European laboratory, can only see through electronic driving assistance systems. As a result, low-cost models are not really popular with this one.

It’s not a secret. The Dacias please. Cars that generally appeal to young and old alike, thanks to a unbeatable price-performance ratio. If they shine in the ranking of the best sales, it is not really the case in those of the current security levels. Which seems surprising for this subsidiary of the French group Renault which, for years, was doing with flying colors.

Too expensive equipment for low-cost

The European organization Euro NCAP engages testing future production models in matters of security. Frontal, side impacts…everything is scrutinized. But these tests have evolved over the years, now taking into account all help and/or assistance in the event of a collision. Protection of occupants, passengers, pedestrians in the event of an accident… Euro NCAP therefore makes a point of honor to all these technologies and equipment.

Concretely, the Euro NCAP notes its final score by taking the average of four rating axes: protection of adults, protection of children, protection of vulnerable road users and safety assistance.

Or, tous these systems are far too expensive for low-cost models. Models which, themselves, ignore these technologies to try to pull public prices down. If for these manufacturers, keeping a car in its lane or keeping a safe distance is within the reach of a person with a driving license, this is no longer really the opinion of Euro NCAP.

Euro NCAP stars are getting rarer

Since Dacia has decided to ignore all this equipment, the prices of its vehicles remain as low as ever. But it is not without consequence. The Dacia Jogger is credited with the rating ofonly one star out of fivejust like the Logan MCV and the Electric Spring by Euro NCAP.

The Dacia Sandero does little better with two stars.

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