Arcane has become one of the sensations of this end of the year. To beie animada de League of Legends It has convinced both MOBA players and viewers who were not familiar with the Riot Games universe and can be classified as a total success.

The premiere was accompanied by a curious campaign, since they allowed the first three chapters to be broadcast on Twitch – owned by Amazon, which competes with Netflix with Prime Video -, in addition to the traditional promotional actions.

Three chapters were released on November 7, while the next three came out on November 20 and this same weekend we were able to see the third and last arc, with which this first season of Arcane ends.

And is that Fortiche Production, the French studio in charge of producing the series, has already confirmed that we will have a second season. In fact, it is already in production, so it can be considered a reality.

There is no release date at the moment. Arcane was announced two years ago, so the production of the first season was quite long. However, it was originally scheduled for 2020, so the pandemic has probably ended up lengthening its deadlines.

On the plot there are no confirmed details either. The teaser seems to confirm that the trio formed by Vi, Jinx and Caitlyin will continue to enjoy a lot of prominence, but probably other open plots in Zaun and Piltover also have important weight.

If we will see more about Runeterra is a great unknown. The League of Legends universe is vast and at the moment Arcane has been left alone in a small region, so its potential is practically infinite.


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