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In “Arcade Paradise” gamers can turn a dingy laundromat into an arcade game hall. “today” was already allowed to play the game.

“Arcade Paradise” for PC takes us into the good old world of arcades and retro games from August 11th. Players slip into the role of Ashley, who inherits her parents’ laundromat and is now supposed to earn her own money with hard work and above all at the insistence of her father. But because Ashley doesn’t feel like taking care of the customers’ dirty laundry, she decides to turn the laundromat into an arcade game paradise. “Today” was able to get a taste of the cult title from developer Nosebleed Interactive and publisher Wired Productions.

In the indie game, we are handed the keys to the salon right at the beginning and after a short bus trip we are allowed to enter the rather run-down shop, which our father no longer has time for. It quickly becomes apparent that the graphics are impressively detailed, the voice output is in German and the soundtrack is a rocking homage to arcade gaming. But if you keep playing, you will also discover a surprising depth. The game also tells how Ashley faces her past and how her first own company reunites her more closely with her family.

Retro gaming and a surprisingly emotional component

For this purpose, voice messages and text notifications from the father and sister are cleverly interspersed into the game, which initially show a lack of trust in our business acumen, but quickly also have a strong emotional component. The more the young woman gets the laundromat into shape, the more dialogues between the family members will be unlocked. A nice concept that, apart from high scores and achievements that can be unlocked, motivates you to continue playing and that you actually wouldn’t have expected in “Arcade Paradise”.

Of course, it’s not primarily about refurbishing washing machines or mending family relationships, but about arcade fun. And Ashley treats herself to that by having an area of ​​the salon equipped with more and more slot machines. How and with which machines you want to start is largely up to the gamers themselves. If you want, you can take your time and upgrade the salon piece by piece and try everything yourself – or set up machines in a quick run. Time plays a subordinate role in “Arcade Paradise”.

Classic gameplay with a timing challenge

Aside from the gameplay itself, however, you shouldn’t expect too many interactive elements – there have been no video sequences in terms of plot and family reunification so far, and even with the dialogues you as a viewer have no opportunity to intervene. When it comes to gameplay, players can initially choose from a very manageable number of arcade slot machines, but over time the range continues to grow to around 35 different machines. You get money for their purchase in the classic way from launderette customers, whose dirty laundry you take care of.

The course of the game is very classic: In a first-person perspective, you collect mountains of laundry, throw them into a free washing machine, connect to the dryer and then place the folded mountain of laundry on the counter. In the beginning it is still very relaxed, but as the number of customers and the amount of laundry increases, it becomes a demanding task in which you have to keep an eye on the timing. The reason: the faster you do the laundry, the better you do in the ranking and the more money there is for arcade machines. And they gradually provide a new income.

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Installed some construction and management mechanics

The highlight of the game: each machine can also be played by itself, in this respect “Arcade Paradise” is a retro game collection packed in one game. The placement of the machines also becomes more and more free as you progress. At the push of a button, blueprints of the machines can be called up, which can then be moved around, rotated and placed in the laundromat. In addition, the space in the saloon increases with several expansion stages. Interesting: Depending on how or where slots are placed, they can be more or less profitable. Experimenting is fun.

In addition to all these construction and management mechanics, there is also the option of “leveling up” your own character. With in-game currency earned from time challenges and additional tasks, you can buy upgrades such as faster movement speed or greater cleaning effectiveness, which make arcade life a little easier. However, the preview version was not completely immune to bugs – the slot machine games crashed more often and additional tasks did not donate any coins despite being fulfilled. If the bugs are fixed, “Arcade Paradise” will fulfill our gaming dreams.

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