The actor apologized through a statement published on his social networks

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Arath de la Torre

He broke the silence after the controversy generated by his participation in a campaign that was interpreted as a lack of respect for Mexican traditions, specifically the Voladores de Papantla, proclaimed by UNESCO in 2009 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Through their respective social networks, the host of the Hoy program issued a written statement in which he offered his most sincere apologies highlighting that, like anyone else, he works every day to improve, also recognizing that he will take this experience as a life teaching .

“I offer my sincere apology for this situation and I am sorry that it was perceived as disrespectful. I am a professional committed to being better every day and I will take this experience as learning “, the letter reads.


The 46-year-old actor also expressed in the document the admiration and respect he feels for the culture of his native country, acknowledging that the message transmitted by the campaign had an inappropriate tone and interpretation, so he assured that it is in no way his intention. that their professional projects are offensive.

“I acknowledge this situation and I wish to let anyone who reads this message know that, as a Mexican, I feel deep admiration for the Papantla Flyers and pride for all the traditions that are part of our culture, because under no circumstances do I wish that my collaboration professional in any campaign or space where I participate, can be interpreted as offensive to any person, “he noted.

Likewise, the company in charge of the advertising campaign extended an apology to the Voladores de Papantla, the Mexican traditions and to anyone who has been offended by the interpretation of the spot. In addition, he delisted the talent on the planning and realization of the commercial.

“Moneyman demarcates talent, including Arath de la Torre, regarding the concepts or ideas used in the creation of the spots, “reads the text shared on social networks after the Secretary of Culture expressed outrage over the campaign.

“(The Ministry of Culture) pronounces against the Moneyman company for misusing the image of the Ritual Ceremony of Flyers in an advertisement where the ceremony is offended, discriminated, devalued and ridiculed, considered sacred by the carriers of this ancestral practice ”.