Approach – Attack against Imbert Barrera: “It was the people of Balaguer”

The attack on Easter Tuesday, March 21, 1967, against Antonio Imbert Barrera

In the end we were friends.

All started like this:

En 1986, 36 years ago, General Antonio Imbert Barrera alluded to journalistic questions about my recently published books based on my research in the historic National Archives of the United States.

He spoke with the journalists at the conclusion of the customary act of May 30 at the scene of the attack on Rafael Trujillo.

Since 1985, the issue of May 30, 1961 and the US intervention of 1965 generated a new debate as a result of a series of reports that I had published in the evening paper La Noticia that we founded in 1973 a group of journalists from El Nacional From now.

I responded to General Imbert with substantiated evidence in documents declassified by the United States Government. My statements with a photo showing an M-1 rifle are in the Listín Diario of early June 1986.

Then, in 1999, General Imbert and I began a mutually respectful friendship after he gave me the best and most coherent of the many interviews he gave throughout his life on the events of May 30, 1961.

I have several pleasant and important memories with Don Antonio. Things he told me. The last time I saw him was in July 2008 at his house. He was in good shape for his age.

The 1967 bombing

Antonio Imbert Barrera, who died on May 31, 2016 and on May 30, 1961 participated in the execution of Rafael Trujillo, suffered an attack six years later, on March 21, 1967, at the corner of Pedro Henríquez Ureña and Eugenio de Marchena streets, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Near the end of the 1999 videotaped interview, I told him: “…we have to get back to you, Don Antonio, thank you very much. We are pleased that you gave us this interview about May 30, but we hope to talk about those events and other events in the future, especially about that attack, I want us to talk about the 1967 attack one day, because you don’t had talked.

The dialogue continued like this:

Imbert: You know I haven’t talked about that.

VG: But the time will come.

Imbert: Many people later wanted to tell me and I told them: “I’m not interested”. God gave me life, who saved me from that and I am not interested in knowing who they were, or who participated, or anything like that.

Some time later, when General José Miguel Soto Jiménez was Minister of the Armed Forces, 2000-2004, we met several times to talk in the Minister’s office.

On one occasion, General Imbert invited me to visit him in an office that he had assigned in the National Palace during the management of the Government of President Hipólito Mejía.

I had previously reiterated the request that we talk about the attack he suffered on March 21, 1967.

at the National Palace

I arrived before the door of his office was opened for him, hoping that he would tell me the details about this mysterious attack.

His escort entered with the General. I waited a moment to be invited through the door of the modest office.

“Please come in, sir,” a guard told me.

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Antonio Imbert was sitting waiting for me with his gaze focused on my eyes. I looked at it the same way.

We exchanged very cordial greetings.

“Well Don Antonio, I told him, I have come to talk about the issue that we have pending, the attack that you suffered on March 21, 1967.”

– “It was the people of Balaguer”, the only thing that Imbert said and wanted to talk.

And period, after years before we had recorded in his offices of the Rosario Dominicana mining company the best television interview that Imbert ever granted in full lucidity about the attack of May 30, 1961.

Rest in peace.



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