Applicants for the Medicine Unit decrease

This year the application for admissions to the Fresnillo Medicine Unit of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) decreased, while in previous years they registered up to 360 applicants, this year there were only 170.

The coordinator of the unit, Ernesto Alvarado Flores, informed that they are prepared to return to classes, but he announced that they still do not know if there will be 70 or 90 students who will enter this generation.

He recalled that since the previous year they made the request to admit more applicants in the unit, however, they depend on the rectory to authorize this, even so, he explained that it is unlikely that it will be authorized.

He also regretted that during this year there were fewer applicants and expressed that one of the influencing factors is the health contingency, he also announced that they also expect desertion during this semester.

Regarding the number of students, the coordinator recalled that it is not possible to further increase enrollment despite the fact that there is never enough space for all those who register.

The foregoing is due to the fact that there are not enough clinical fields for graduates to carry out their professional practices, social service and internship, this is the greatest limitation in the municipality for the medicine unit to achieve an expansion in its enrollment.

“We have many problems for graduates to get them those fields, but we are in these talks to try to ensure that each generation comes out with the strengths and opportunities that the university can achieve for them,” he added.

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Alvarado Flores pointed out that it is necessary for the institutions to be more open to receive more interns, despite this, the university authorities continue to manage the necessary places to cover the student staff they have.

Finally, he recalled that there are 370 students who make up the enrollment of the unit.



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