IPhone design and camera revealed ...

Source: Fathi Khallaf – Toss News

Despite the impact of the spread of the Corona virus as a global epidemic on various global activities and industries, all indications confirm that Apple is still on its way to reveal its new icon before the end of next September.

There was concern in the early days of the spread of “Coffed 19” disease, from blocking the supply chain, closing factories and forcing all employees of the American giant to work from home, which could lead to significant delays.

But according to the reports circulated until the moment, it seems that the worst scenario that might happen in this framework regarding the launch of the new series of phones from the iPhone, is the delay in its launch for the month of November, although most analysts are confident that the iPhone 12 will be ready in September September.

This confirms this confidence, the emergence of a new leak over the weekend, revealed the phone screen that will be used in the iPhone 12 series in addition to the shape of its design, expected to be launched next fall.


The blogger, “Digital Chat Station”, had pictures of the iPhone 12 screen measuring 5.4 inches on the Chinese “Weibo” platform.

And the new smartphone design showed that the screen will be the same size as the current iPhone 11, and it will contain a large crack, as is the case with the new smartphones.

Early on, speculation had indicated that Apple would reduce the size of the camera hole at the top of the screen this year before giving it up completely in the coming years, but the notch in the leaked photos seems almost identical to the iPhone 11 design.

Apple is expected to launch at least four iPhone 12 series models this fall. In addition to the iPhone 12 measuring 5.4 inches, we also expect to see several sizes of it: 6.1, 12 and 6.7 inches.