Apple’s smart glasses fascinate everyone.. they can correct vision

Apple announced the launch of Apple’s smart glasses, which are being developed over the past few months, and these glasses correct the wearer’s vision, as they are useful for people who use prescription glasses.

Apple smart glasses information:

Apple’s smart glasses will also contain a special system that is adjusted to suit the user’s vision, while those glasses bear the title of systems of adjustable and perseverance lenses, and are specific to the developed smart system, which can be modified to function as normal medical glasses.

While the patent for the glasses reveals the difference between the company’s smart glasses and medical glasses, as this system adjusts the position of the lenses automatically, and anyone can use them without any problems, whether they wear glasses before or not.

This system helps some people, who suffer from various visual problems, such as presbyopia, or what is known as the inability to focus at a certain distance, and the glasses use a set of liquid crystal lenses, and the liquid substance inside can change its optical properties, when a current passes through them.

Apple Glass Specifications:

  • Be made of plastic or metal frames.
  • It includes two 8K lenses.
  • The refresh rate is 120 Hz.
  • It has Wi-Fi 6E.
  • Gestures and voice controls.
  • The user interface is called Starboard.
  • Adjustable lenses.
  • Its price is about 499 US dollars, which is equivalent to 7800 pounds.
Apple smart glasses
Apple smart glasses
Apple smart glasses


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