Apple’s mixed reality headset could use 2 Apple Watches


Apple has his data glasses still not officially presented, but the rumor mill is still simmering. Now Patently Apple has one patent application discovered that on an expensive control of the AR/VR-Headsets could point out.

VR glassescurrently need Controller or Hand-Tracking, eg to navigate through a menu. Apple’s glasses are said to combine VR and AR in one pair of data glasses. According to the patent, users should wear a device on each wrist that is strongly reminiscent of an Apple Watch.

With the two smart devices on your wrist, the glasses should gestures and movements can track. It should also be specific pressure points on the palms can recognize.

Expensive controller

Whether it is actually an Apple Watch or just a similar wearable is not clear from the patent. If 2 smart watches were actually necessary, the price of the glasses could quickly explode. The cheapest Apple Watch SE is currently starting 299 Euro offered.

In addition, it is only a patent. It remains to be seen whether it will actually be implemented or whether Apple just wants to secure the idea. Noisy Tim Cook the official presentation could not be long in coming. Analysts are already counting 2023 with the start of sales of the glasses.

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