July 27, 2020 –
Apple has developed a new carbon-free aluminum melting process to make the 16-inch Macbook Pro greener than ever.

If you buy a 16-inch Macbook Pro in the next few months, you may get a radically different device than the previous models. However, the changes do not affect the exterior, but rather the production process of the Macbook Pro. For example, the aluminum housing, which is part of Apple’s stated goal of reducing its carbon footprint, is to be given a green makeover.

An Apple press release reveals the change. It states that new, “low-carbon aluminum” is currently being produced and that this “is intended for use with the 16-inch Macbook Pro”. Apple describes the novel manufacturing process as “the very first direct carbon-free aluminum melting process.”

However, it would also be possible that Apple will only use the new building material in an updated Macbook Pro variant. So it’s been almost a year since the current 16-inch Macbook Pro first appeared on the Apple website, and given the fact that new chips from both Apple and Intel will soon be released, it could be that the new, greener Macbook Pro is not just pimped in terms of performance.

“Businesses have a great opportunity to help build a more sustainable future based on our shared concern for our shared planet,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “The innovations that drive our ecological journey are not only good for our planet – they have helped us to make our products more energy efficient. With our commitment to climate neutrality, we hope to be a wave in the pond that will make a much bigger change effected. ” (swe)