Apple, what will the virtual reality headset look like?  Here are the latest guesses (in 3D)

Apple, what will the virtual reality headset look like? Here are the latest guesses (in 3D)

Technology analysts around the world have no doubts: at the next Global Developer Conference, on June 5, Apple will unveil a headset for virtual / augmented reality. A device that will enrich the Apple range of wearables, for now made up of Apple Watch and the various AirPods models, and which has been talked about for some time now. In this video we see several 3D renderings that hypothesize what this viewer will be like, taking into account the typical Apple product design and possible customizations. The name of the viewer is obviously not known yet, the most accredited seems to be “Reality” but it could be “View” or who knows what else. In short, there is no certainty but there are now many certain rumors of the fact that the viewer will be shown to the world for the first time at WWDC 2023 (which Repubblica, like every year, will follow live). And among the latest rumors, there are those that say that the viewer should inherit compatibility with iPhone and iPad apps, and be able to become an immersive display for the Mac. As well as a vehicle for a series of apps for physical and mental, thanks to the generation of visual and sound virtual landscapes to encourage meditation. Professional applications of various types should also be available from launch, including those for design, based on LidAR cameras. But not only that, the viewer should be able to generate virtual work environments connected with remote colleagues, and of course games and immersive entertainment. All with a battery – apparently replaceable – which should last a couple of hours. The device would arrive on a market, that of AR / VR, which at the moment is still a land of conquest and which with the arrival of Apple could take off. The only verified fact remains, which is that for now there is no certainty, and the many leaked rumors in recent times could remain just words. We will know more on June 5th. (edited by Tiziano Toniutti)

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