The latest version of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 7, which goes on sale this Friday, has as its main attraction a significantly larger screen than that of previous models and makes it easier to read and operability.

With a price starting at 399 dollars (429 euros in the European market) for the simplest version, the Watch Series 7 justifies the investment if it comes from a substantially older model, but the changes compared to last year, the Series 6, are not decisive.

The dimensions of the clock, with versions of 45 and 41 millimeters, and of the screen, which by reducing the frames has gained 20% of reading space, allow to show more text or enlarge the letters significantly, an important help for those users who do not want to strain their eyes excessively.

In this sense, the Series 7 comes with two new larger fonts, which Efe found allow easy and fluid reading even without having to bring the wrist to the face.

Also to facilitate interaction with the device, and taking advantage of the new dimensions of the screen, the watch adds a full QWERTY keyboard like that of a telephone, which allows you to tap on each key individually or use the QuickPath tool to slide your finger from letter to letter without lifting it.

Regarding the design, the Watch Series 7 maintains and accentuates the rounded edges of the previous editions, which gives it an elegant style that is complemented by a commitment to the Art Deco imaginary of the 20s and 30s of the last century, both in the sources as in some of the straps available.

Contributing to the rounded effect is the fact that the glass curves to meet the frame, creating a smooth transition with hardly any cracks.

Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments with the new Apple Watch is that it does not increase the battery life, which remains the same as in Series 6 (about 18 hours), although the Series 7 recharges much more. fast, as Efe was able to verify.

The watch is compatible with previous strap models and resistant to both water, dust and shock.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in five different colors: dark gray, light gray, blue, green and red. for the aluminum versions, in addition to the traditional gold, silver and graphite for the stainless steel ones.


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