Apple warns users of a “fatal” error that damages the iPhone battery

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Apple has warned users of a “fatal” error that damages the iPhone battery, and makes them constantly need to charge their devices continuously.

According to Apple experts, many iPhone users charge their devices incorrectly, which contributes to a lack of battery life, and the company said that charging devices for long hours, such as placing the device in charging “overnight” is a fatal mistake.

Studies have shown that charging the lithium-ion battery of a device iPhone 100 percent actually destroys it, which in turn reduces its life. According to Russia Today.

Charging for a long time also causes the battery to overheat, which may damage the phone over time.

While data varies about the percentage of battery charge, experts are unanimous that the lower the charge, the longer the battery life.

And experts offered two tips that can be tried to preserve the battery life of devices iPhone :

Stop turbocharging

Fast or “turbocharged” chargers may seem lifesaving, but they do more harm than good when it comes to phone battery life, and according to specialists, turbochargers work by increasing the number of watts (W) that are connected to the phone battery, which increases the voltage the phone battery uses but also heats it up – two factors that shorten battery life.

Turbochargers should only be used for short periods and if the phone battery is less than 50%.

Do not use iPhone while charging

Evidence shows that using the phone while charging can not only reduce battery life, but also disrupt the charging cycle, especially in the case of playing videos and using the phone to play, which are major tasks for the processor, according to experts.




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