Apple is said to be working on a new Apple TV in the design of the first TV box. However, this new version of the Apple TV should be smaller and flatter, according to the rumor mill. However, these claims should be met with a lot of skepticism.

Apple is currently working on a new edition of its Smart TV box Apple TV. This new Apple TV will initially be smaller than the current models, and this new Apple TV will also be flatter, it is said.

In addition, Apple will equip this new Apple TV with a cover made of Plexiglas, according to a blog that in the past had become known primarily for the distribution of more or less creative renderings. Such a cover made of Plexiglas has meanwhile also been discussed for the Mac Mini.

Will an Apple game console also come?

However, the last update for the Apple TV was not too long ago. The current Apple TV 4K is a re-creative advancement, but it is not to be expected that Apple will send a new Apple TV to the wheel anytime soon, especially one that, as claimed, is based on the design of the original Apple TV.

There is also the assumption that Apple is working on the introduction of a game console in the style of the Nintendo Switch to be met with the utmost restraint – this rumor is not new either, but with the exception of Apple Arcade, absolutely nothing in this direction has emerged so far.

What would you like for the next generation of Apple TV?

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