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This indeed. This allowed MS to say with a straight face that they did not have a monopoly on operating systems at that time. Microsoft was under fire at the time for abusing its dominant position, so every argument from the opposing party that could be brushed away was one.

As part of the deal, Microsoft promised to continue supporting Office on the Mac. The disappearance of Office was a major fear among Mac users until that announcement. And not only that: new Office versions would first for the Mac then only afterwards for Windows. That was still the case until the arrival of Office 365.

In exchange for the $150 million, Apple promised it would ship Internet Explorer with every Mac and make it the default browser in MacOS. And a cross-patent deal came about, allowing Microsoft to freely use Apple’s patents (and vice versa); this exempted MS from legal wrangling over similarities between macOS and Windows 95.

Gates wasn’t stupid. The weak Apple of the years up to 1997 was over with Jobs back at the helm. A strong Apple was a desirable situation for Gates in several ways. But a strong Apple under Jobs could also compete in court, so that cross-patent deal was very important.

In short, a friendly cooperation was preferred. Those few missed Windows sales were dwarfed by the benefits the deal brought.

Incidentally, Apple already playfully threw oil on the fire of the us-them feeling among Mac users during the announcement. During the relevant keynote, a live connection with Gates was set up. And not coincidentally, Gates was depicted on the screen as Big Brother from the book 1984 (and the famous 1984 Macintosh television commercial). The booing from the room was allowed to continue for a moment until a huge grinning Jobs calmed things down. Easy peasy.

The heat is on.

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