Apple seems to want to capture realityOS name for presentation next week – Computer – News

Perhaps, imagine making 3D designs at the office, if it is convenient to use such a VR unit there. It probably looks a bit strange if you say an office full of people working in their own 3D bubble. And yes, you may be less likely to have some social conversations in between.

Conversely, precisely because a lot of people work from home, you could also hold a VR meeting. At the moment that would be a bit flat because you can’t read each other’s emotions well from an ‘avatar’. But if that gets fixed, it might be better than a webcam conversation.

It seems awful to me to live in a world where people walk around with phones, or have to use one to perform certain tasks.

It seems horrific to live in a world where people carry books, or have to read one in order to perform certain tasks.

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