Apple releases the MagSafe Battery Pack: wireless portable battery at 109 euros, also in Italy

Apple has added a new accessory for the latest iPhones on their website, the MagSafe Battery Pack. Designed to work with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the new product magnetically attaches to the back of the line products with MagSafe support, and the magnet system is used to perform precise alignment even if you do not pay great attention at the time of installation.

The new accessory comes in white and appears to be finished with non-slip silicone. Inside there is a 11.13Wh, 1460mAh and 7.62V battery (you can see the data in one of the images published on the official website), then capable of only partially charging the battery of Apple smartphones. For example, iPhone 12 has a 10.78Wh battery, however the charging process via Qi is not 100% efficient, so there is a loss of energy.

MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple, the features

MagSafe Battery Pack can charge an iPhone at 5W wirelessly but, if connected via Lightning to an external power supply of at least 20W, it can perform the procedure at 15W. Both devices can be charged, both the iPhone and the external battery, by docking the MagSafe Battery Pack to the smartphone and connecting it to a power supply, and then connecting the iPhone to an external power source. This also allows you to continue using CarPlay via cable or transfer photos to a computer. By charging iPhone and MagSafe Battery Pack at the same time, the latter will be charged until the smartphone reaches 80% charge.

To use the accessory you need to have iOS 14.7 or later installed on your smartphone, and the charge status can be displayed on the Home Screen or in the Today view within the Battery widget. Apple warns that during the charging process the iPhone can heat up slightly and, if considered too hot, the system may limit the speed of the operation or stop it completely after the 80% remaining charge. Thanks to this feature, the user can keep the battery installed for extended periods of time without worrying at the same time neither being dry nor damaging the connected accessory or smartphone.

Apple also warns that when used in conjunction with a leather case, the MagSafe Battery Pack may leave marks on the case due to compression. Those concerned about this should use different cases. The price in Italy 109 from the official Apple website, where the purchase is possible right away. The first deliveries should take place, if you make the purchase at the time of writing this piece, starting July 22.


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