Now there are quite a few series and movies in it

I currently count 68 tites. Maybe the app doesn’t do everything when I click ‘View All’ under the ‘Apple TV+’ heading (no sarcastic), but it’s not that great in terms of numbers. And that includes titles where Oprah Winfrey talks to book writers or some sort of documentary from Billie Eilish, The Beasty Boys or Bruce Springsteen. Nothing to the detriment of those individuals, but that’s not something I’m waiting for (purely personal of course ) or spend money on it. But with so few titles, those things are a fairly large ‘part’ of the total offer. Netflix of course also has these kinds of things, but it is a much smaller part there.

I think that 4.95 per month is idiotic for the limited offer they provide, and then you also have an app that is also a kind of video store where you can buy and rent other content, which in itself is nothing to do with it , if you just want to see a movie once and pay for it. But it’s so intertwined that you have to make an effort to filter what’s in your subscription.

That said, I really like the idea of ​​having one app that holds all your content. Disney + is also a bit in it, but if you click on it, it simply opens the Disney + app. I’d like it better if they keep the store/video store separate and consolidate all your streaming services. Then you have one place from which you stream, because personally it doesn’t matter to me whether I watch Disney+, Netflix or Apple TV+. I want to see a title, and the opening animation is not the most interesting :)