The weather application Dark Sky it has been officially purchased from Apple and will no longer be available for Android. This app, which has impressed users so much, is about to start a new adventure, but many fear that it could soon disappear even from iOS devices.

Dark Sky has achieved enormous success thanks, above all, to his quality. In fact, the application offers forecast very precise: it is possible to find out even when a simple drizzle is approaching. In addition, also his design is very well cared for.

The software quickly climbed the rankings of Android and iOS, until Apple decided to purchase it. To confirm it were the same developers, who say they are “excited to have the opportunity to reach many people, with a greater impact than we could ever do on our own“.

The Cupertino giant, however, immediately decided to delete the Android version of the application from Google Play Store. Those who installed the app on their device, even those who purchased the “premium” version (who will still be able to ask for a refund), will continue to consult the service until the first one July 2020.

Dark Sky also offered services API. Starting today, it will no longer be possible to register and those who already use this data will be able to continue to do so until January 1, 2022. IOS users, for the time being, will be able to continue using the software, but we do not know what the company’s future intentions will be. It is not excluded that Apple wants to use the tool for improve your application for weather forecasting.

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